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My name is Anna and I live in Illinois. I'm the oldest of two daughters. I'm single and child-free. I'm demi. I spend most of my time reading The Avengers fanfics on AO3. I tend to develop OTPs and will go down with the ship. I haunt Tumblr, looking at pictures of my favorite actors, who, oh, look, happen to be the cast of the Marvel movie universe. I've seen Captain America: The Winter Soldier three times already and am planning on seeing it again.

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>> Hey, neighbor! <<


>> I live in a small town beside the Mississippi River, right on the Illinois-Iowa State border. <<

That sounds lovely. We're about an hour south of Champaign-Urbana where the interstates converge.

>> I just get such feels for Steve and Bucky. It's not even that I ship them, though I do. It's the deep, loving FRIENDSHIP they have that gets to me. <<

Exactly! I can go either way, reading them as lovers or as brothers. I tend to write them as brothers because there is not enough nonsexual love, whereas everybody and their typing chimp does slashfic. I think the movie did a great job of showing their bond.

Did you notice how the Winter Soldier managed to shoot Captain America repeatedly at short range, but never hit anything fatal? Yeah, Bucky's still in there, mindwipe be damned.

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>> Cool! Yes, I like that you write them as brothers. As much as I love slash, sometimes I just want to read friendship fics. Oh, yes. Yes it did! That's why I'm going to go watch it again. <<

I write a lot of platonic or teamfamily stuff.

>> I noticed. Oh, boy, I noticed! I also noticed that when Bucky was beating Steve's face, he was using his metal arm and could have easily killed Steve. If he'd wanted to. Which he didn't. Yeah, Bucky's still in there. <<

That's a good point too. It would've required concerted effort on Bucky's part to override the programming intended to crush skulls.


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